MAN Plamag UNISET, 578 mm, 1997 год выпуска, 4 башни 4+4, 3 секции 1+1


Year: 1997
  • MAN Plamag Uniset, Web Press Machine, heatset/coldset
  • Cut-off 578mm

Web width 915mm (single-width, double-circumference)
Speed: 60,000 cph straight (coldset) / 50,000 straight (heatset)
30,000 cph collect (coldset) / 25,000 collect (heatset)
Max. Number of Pages in Collect Production: 96 Tabloid pages (48 full
colour pages , 48 pages 1/1 colour)
6 x MAN PLAMAG RWK 1150 automatic splicers
1 MAN infeed
4 x mono units (heatset) for 4/4 colour, 16pp in collect
2 x 4-hi towers (each 2 x "H" units stacked) for 32pp Tabloid collect
3 x U mono units one-colour to print 3 webs 1/1 for 48pp Tabloid collect
1 Folder 2-3-2 for cold set and heat set
MEG chill rolls
1 x MEGTEC Dryer incl.1 x KATEC Afterburner (not working)
Motorized Colour Register with remote control from the Console
Motorized Inking Motors with Remote Control from the Main Console
Adjustable Circumferential & Side Register while Running from Console
3 Console Desks
Cooling and recirculating by Baldwin
1 x Muller Martini CS 70 stacker
2 x Mosca Strappers with Muller Martini Paper Feeding Station with MM
cross and push

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