Goss Community SSC, 2011 year, 578 mm

Year: 2011

Printing Press Data Sheet Goss Community SSC Shaftted Printing Press (Single Width, Single Circumference)

Goss Community SSC
Vintage: 2009 - 2011

Cut off:     578 mm
Max. web width:     889 mm
Min. web width:     584 mm
Max. Running Speed:     35,000 CPH
Plate Size:     607mm x 889mm
Blanket Size:     625mm x 889mm

Press Configuration
Six (6) x Goss Community SSC Shaftedss 4Hi Towers
One (1) x Goss Community SSC Folder
Six (6) x Megtec zero Speed SE Automatic Pasting Reelstands

Press Control System

2 SGGS Press Console with PLC control, PC and LCD screen display
Remote Registration Control
Spiral Brush Dampening System
Baldwin Dampener Automix & Circulation dŚystem (non-refrigerated)

Other Auxiliary Equipment

Zhenli JD-450A Automatic Compensating Stacker
Plate Punch and Plate Bender

Electrical Power

3 Phase 415 V
2 x 132 kW DC drive motors & controllers
1 x 55 kW DC drive motor & controller



6 Goss Community SSC 4Hi tower arrangements, consisting of four blanket to blanket
perfecting mono units stacked on top of each other.

- Facility to run one web in each 4Hi tower printing 4+4 colour
  Each unit complete with the following:
- Swing down ink fountains with twenty – four (24) easy adjust, graduated, manual lever   
  style ink plate adjustments using non-segmented, one-piece ink fountain blades.  
  using non-segmented, one-piece ink fountain blades.
- Each printing couple has an eight (8) roll ink train consisting of one (1) direct gear driven
  steel ink fountain roller, (1) knurled micrometric roller, two (2) ink oscillating chromed   
  transfer roller and one (1) rubber form roller.
- Each plate cylinders solid stainless steel and with a slot gap plate lockup system with           
   two register pins and a standard plate cylinder undercut of .012” (.305mm) for use with .
   012” (.305mm) plates.
- Each blanket cylinder is solid stainless steel with bearers and uses a T-bar blanket lock
- Central grease lube block on operating side for improved frame bore lubrication and
   ease of maintenance.
- Pneumatic control of the ink, water and impressions sequentially times to the press
   speed control.
- GOSS motorised registration system for the 4Hi arrangements with LCD screen mounted
   on the press control console.
   The 10 and 13 side plate cylinders have motorised sidelay. The 13 side plate cylinders
   on units 1,3 and 4 are motorised circumferentially to unit 2 (called key ‘datum’ unit) by a
   calibrated phasing mechanism on the timing belt drives from unit 2 to the other units    
   with ±3.0 adjustment. The 10 side plate cylinder on all units have a motorised calibrated
   circumferential register mechanism to ±1.5 mm.
- SSC Community steel hinged doors on operating side per unit
- Complete set press unit safety guards with interlocks.


1 GOSS Community SSC half page folder capable of folding up to 8 webs with widths between 584mm (23”) and 889mm (35”). The folder is suitable for use between units or at the ends of the press lines, and is furnished with the following:
- Tabloid slitter at rooler-top of former sits atop a 57° angle, cromed former board, drilledand piped for low pressure air. Remote control on pneumatic, nip trolleys.
- Double set of nip rollers.
- Drive gears – oil bath lubrication
- Speed indicating tachometer calibrated in products per hour and electric good and gross
  copy counters at the press control console.
- Non running tabloid lap adjustment, adjustment range is even – 7mm, pin-side-long.
- Jam detection is incorporated into lower folder assembly.
- Motorised variable speed delivery for conveyor.
- Set of area style safety guards, interlocked to the press drive.
- Fly delivery for spine leading half folds, 80mm shingle copy spacing.
- Single drive motor position, back of folder.
- Double under folder web lead
- 2 -



6 Megtec Zero Speed SE fully automatic pasting reelstands, featuring:

- Maximum reel diameter 1270 mm (50”)
- Maximum splicing speed 6.6m/s
- Free standing design (no mechanical connection to the press)
- Electric hoist with safety limits (No lifting required)
- Motorised adjustable sidelay + - 20mm
- Low riding festoon minimises web span
- Dancing roller system holds web tension constant, even during splicing
- Automatic or Manual Splicing Sequence
- Roll stand holds two full reels of paper
- Two 75mm (3”) air shafts and one spare
- A new reel can be loaded immediately after a splice
- Lightweight reel axle
- Control provided at the console to adjust web tension & reel sidelay

6 Angle Bars with air blower, for splicers at the right angle on drive side. To include over web protection platform, to maintain press access.

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