MAN Rotoman 2001 630 mm


Year: 2001
  • MAN Rotoman 630 mm, 2001 г.в., 4 секции

  Four Color Web
  Year:                 2001
  Web Direction: left to right
  Speed max.:   65.000 rev/h
  Cut-off:             630 mm
  Web-width:      965 mm

  Configuration:  1 MAN Roland Reel Loading System
                             Manual, inclusiveunpackingstation with weighing device
                          1 AUTOMATIC MEGTEC Reel Splicer Type D.L.P
                          1 MAN Roland Webbing up device from Splicer to Former fold
                          1 MAN Roland Infeed Unit with
                             E+L web aligner
                             Web Severing device
                             Web draw roller
                          4 MAN Roland Double Printing Units
                             PPL Semi automatic plate changer
                             Oxy Dry Blanket washing device Type RO
                             BALDWIN Ink Unit washing device
                             TECHNOTRANS Refrigeration Unit Type DELTA.D 250 W
                             With AQUADOS and ALCOSMART
                             IDS-2 Ink quality Control
                          3 PECOM Control console
                          1 MAN Roland/Betz Ink supply for Four Double Printing units
                             With ink metering
                          1 MAN Roland web catching- and rewind device
                          1 VITS HOTAIR Dryer Type OTS 13 X 1,0
                             With integrated After burner
                          1 MAN Roland Chill Unit with 6 Chill Rollers with two Circle cooling
                             BALDWIN Chill Roller washing device
                             WEKO Remoisting device Type RFS
                          1 MAN Roland Folder superstructure with:
                             MAN Roland/WEKO Silicon applicator
                             E+L Web aligner for two ribbons
                             Angle bars for 12 page production
                          1 PRESS THCH Cut-off register control Type WEBATRON
                             Angle bars for 12 page production with ¾ web width
                          1 PLANATOL  longitudinal Gluing device Type COMBIJET 7 Com
                             Motorized adjustable full width former
                          1 PRESS THCH Cut-off register control Type WEBATRON200
                          1 MAN Folder Super Structure
                             1 Former Fold – 2 Angle bars – Perforation-
                             Slitting shafts
                          1 MAN Folder PF-I 3/1 System 2:3:3:3
                          2 Delivery for A/4 and A/3 Products
                             3rd. Fold-DELTA FOLD and Double parallel
                          1 MAN Roland Video System for optionally color register control or Web Viewing
                          1 MAN Roland full automated plate bender
                          1 M&A plate punch
                          1 SULZER Chiller for chill rollers and Ink unit temperature control
                          1 Folder computer incl. touch screen
                          1 SIMATIC S 5 DES/SKS control
                          1 TELEPROFESSIONAL ACS incl. INTERBUS and drive diagnostic

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