журнальные ротации KBA Compacta

Year: 2004
  • KBA COMPACTA C215, 2003, 620 mm c/o, 5 printing units

year: 2004
Cut-off: 620 mm
Max. web-width: 1000 mm
Max. speed: 50.000 r.p.h. 8,6 m/s
Paper stock range: 36-130 gsm (with sheeter up to 200 gsm)
Min. web-width: max 1.000 mm
Cylinder circumference: 620 mm
Colors: 5
Groupes: 5
Infeed: 1
Reelstands: 1
Folder(s): 1 with double delivery. Broadsheet, Tabloid, Quarter folder, Double parallel
Dryer: 1 Vits

1x RC splicer
1 x KBA Infeed unit with web guide system
5 x Print units with automatic plate change
OXYDRY Blanket wash-up system
1 x VITS Sirius OTC dryer with integrated after burner
Grafikontrol CR20 automatic cut off register
Grafikontrol CR 8 Longitudinal and sidelay ribbons register control
GMI-in-line densitometer
Ergotronic control console
Colortronic control console
Varnish unit
Gammler Finishing line with three knife trimmer and stacker
G module to diecut inline
VITS sheeter
SILICON applicator
Register system
Noice protection wall
Plate bender

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