Year: after rebuilding in 2006
  • HEIDELBERG WEB-16, 5 units, after rebuilding in 2006, c/o 630 mm, VITS sheeter, web width 960 mm


Age: after rebuilding in 2006

5-Color Web Offset Printing Press
General overhaul of machine 06/06
Paper running direction left to right, Cut-off: 630 mm,
Max. web width: 508 mm,  Max. speed: 40.000  U/H

STORK-Contiweb SH 40-OP Splicer
HD Infeed with Webguide system,
5 Blanket to Blanket Printing Units,
JETWEB Glueing System Age 2006
STORK Contiweb Ecotherm 9 m, Hot air dryer Age 2006
Afterburner THERMOX 3/2650, Age 2006
TECHNOTRANS FKH H-1-12000, Dampening, Mixing and
Automatic Cut Off Control
BALDWIN Softweb, Remoistable unit
JETWEB Perforation Unit  Age 2006
JETWEB Plough Fold  - 16-Page-Version,
JET WEB Webformer WF 011,  Age 2006
VITS Sheeter QRO 181 with double cut
WEKO Web break System
Cut Off Control  QTI PPC 3000 X,
Set of conveyers
Operator Panel CPC 1-02,
Plate Punch and Plate Bender,
HARIG CCRC40L Chilling Unit with Ink Unit Cooling
Sound-Proof Enclosure and Machine room Fresh Air System

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