GOSS Sunday 4000, c/o 620 mm


Year: 2006
  • Five Double printing units
  • Cut-off: 620 mm
  • Web-Width: 980 mm

shaft less drive
Configuration:  1 GOSS-CONTIWEB Web splicer - Type 14-1020
equipped with automatic reel handling, unpack system,
1 INFEED unit with webguiding system
5 GOSS Double printing units - Type Sunday 4000/32
Baldwin automatic Blanket washing device
GOSS semi automatic plate changer
1 TECHNOTRANS DELTA C refrigeration unit for dampening
1 TECHNOTRANS ink level control VARIO FILL
1 GOSS web catching device
1 GOSS web break control detector
1 GOSS CONTIWEB webbing device through whoöe machine
1 GOSS CONTIWEB HotAir dryer Type 130-1020
1 GOSS Chill unit with 9 chill rollers
1 Web Guide system
1 Silicon applicator unit
1 HHS EcoSys gluing system and moistener
1 QTI cut-off register control - type PPC 3000X
1 GMI color register system
1 GMI ink remote control Close-Loop system
1 Folder Super Structure equipped with:
    negative former fold,

    trimming section under the former fold
    slitting device into three ribbons
    VITS Pre-Folder - Type VF 097
1 GOSS PCC-2 pin-less combination Folder - collect - and straight run
    1st cross fold
    2xquarter fold with divided deliveries
    Double parallel fold
    Tabloid delivery
    TOLERANS Stitcher
1 Half automatic register punch NELA MRV TT
1 Half automatic plate bending unit NELA HAO
Available: Shortly

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