for sale MAN Roland R705 LTTLV UV, 2003, UV

MAN Roland

Year: 2003
Impressions ~ 100 mln
  • for sale MAN Roland R705 LTTLV, 5 colors, 2003, ~ 100 mln, UV dryers interdeck and delivery

MAN Roland R705 LTTLV UV

Year :      2003
Format:   74 x 104 cm
Colours:   5 colors straight plus double coater
Copies:    approx. 105 mio.

Standard machine with:

..          Roland Deltamatic
..          RCI - ink & register remote control
..          PPL - semi automatic plate change
..          CCI - densitometric quality control
..          Straight machine
..          2 x dedicated coating towers with chambered ductors (LL)
..          2 x dedicated drying units with 1 x IR and 1 x UV lamps (TT)
..          Wash devices for blanket cylinders and rollers
..          Airglide delivery
..          Technotrans cooling
..          Extended delivery (V) with IR and UV dryers
..          Powder sprayer Weko
Extraordinary machine in excellent conditions and very well maintained.
Prints on 40g plastic foil only for food packaging.
Machine still to see in function.  
No damages on cylinders or gears.
More details or photos on request.

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