KBA RAPIDA 75-5 LX, 2008, 35 mln


Year: 2008
  • Format: 605x750
  • Impressions: 35 Mio.

Varidamp: filmdamping
paper size US 60,5x75 cm
blanket wash-up device
ink-roller wash device managed from console
wash device for impression cylinders
ultrasonics double sheet control
pneumatic sidelay
remote register adjustment
sheet-guide rings with movable segments/elements
Technotrans Alpha d cooling, metering unit
coater-tower: chambered ductor blade system
extended delivery
sheet decurler
PWHA semi-automatic-plate-change
high pile feeder
ErgoTronic console
coater-tower: chambered ductor blade system Harris & Bruno
ink unit temperature control
speed 15.000 sh/hr max.
IR dryer with air knives Grafix

Kiev, Ukraine
skype: andrey.dubovoy

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