Bobst NOVACUT 106 E


Year: 2013
Impressions ~ 3000 working hours
  • for sale Bobst NOVACUT 106 E, 2013, centerline, CUBE3

Bobst NOVACUT 106 E

Centerline system for quick job changeover,
Electronic device for sheet travel control,
Adjustable centering at stripping station,
Control cabinet cooling unit,
Bobst-Electronic machine operating system CUBE3 (Control Unit Bobst Electronic) with colour touch screen,
Main motor with frequency converter control.
feeder non-stop device
Adjustable supporting plate centerings Micrometric screws allow fine adjustment of counters mounted on the cutting plate with respect to the die. The total range for adjustment is +/- 0.9 mm lengthwise and crosswise.
Compensating plate. Thickness 4 mm. Ground steel plate required for thin cutting plates system. Used for repeat jobs.
Upper chase with quick locking : fixed bottom plate. Plate, thickness 2 mm and make-ready protection plate made of synthetic material, thickness 1mm. Required : a full size cutting die.
Set of 10 thin hardened plates, thickness 1mm.

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